Welcome to my website. I am one of many artists who have an interest in Botanical Art and Illustration.
So why am I attracted to Botanical painting? My background is Art and Design Education and at school I also studied Biology up to A level. My career path led me into teaching Design and Technology although I have returned to do some ‘art’ courses from time to time.
Several years ago I went to see an exhibition of Botanical Art by the Birmingham Society of Botanical Artists and I was hooked. I joined two local Botanical Illustration Societies and attended several courses on botanical illustration. I love paintings which look almost photographic and strive to achieve that goal in my own paintings – I still have a long way to go!
For those of us with an interest and who attend local groups, our best exposure is the local Art Exhibition. Some may try for acceptance and medals in the RHS shows and turn their interest into a career, but I am sure for the majority it is a real joy just to achieve some likeness to and master the skills of watercolour and other media to portray the subject we have chosen.
I hope you enjoy my work and are inspired to have a go yourself.

Acanthus, with details of the seed and dispersal mechanism. Watercolour on paper