Since 2006 I have become interested in Botanical Art and in 2010 completed the Diploma in Botanical illustration with the Society of Botanical Artists and in 2011 the ‘Botany for Botanical Artists’ course run by two members of IAPI.

I have run two year long courses in, 'Botany for the Botanical Artist', with the help of a colleague who is a Botanist, at Leicester University Botanic Gardens. Although we have no plans to run a third course we are running four workshops this year (2014 - 2015) on Flowers, Fruit, Seeds and Storage structures. Please email if you would like to attend a workshop. (Details in Tuition and Courses)

Through this website I would like to share some my paintings with other people who are interested in this subject. If you would like more information about anything on this website please email: wendyeharvey@hotmail.com.

Although I am not keen on parting with original paintings - who is? I can provide reasonably priced Giclee prints which can be difficult to distinguish from the real painting. Occasionally I have also been known to do a commission!

I am also a member of the Institute of Analytical Plant Illustration (IAPI). This is a group of Botanists and Artists which meet every two months in various locations around the country. Please have a look at their website.

IAPI Website